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Looking for precinct captains!

We are actively seeking precinct captains in preparation for the 2018 mid-term election. We are soliciting captains for all South Orange County area precincts.

You can find more information about Orange County precincts (and find yours) here.

Read on for more information, and, if you are interested in being a captain for your precinct, please contact us!


The Precinct Captain

The Precinct Captain serves as the main communication source between the South Orange County Democratic Party, Democratic Party of Orange County, the California Democratic Party and current and future Democrats in his or her precinct. The precinct captain is charged with connecting the people in the precinct to the Democratic Party, and the Party to the People.

The Precinct Captain is responsible for filling the roles that follow, keeping in mind that it is okay to begin slowly; filling one or two at the start. Your local executive committee member is always available to provide support and answer questions. Remember, you are providing a wonderful service to the Party and to your community. Have fun!


Regular Duties

  1. Obtain the precinct map and walking lists for your precinct and familiarize yourself with the demographics and geography of the precinct.
  2. Get to know your Democratic and Independent neighbors and get as many email addresses as possible for our newsletters.
    1. For example, host a house party and invite your neighbors to talk about politics and issues concerning your precinct.
    2. Let them know “they are not alone,” that there are Democrats and others in the area who agree with them. Invite them to Democratic Club meetings.
  3. Canvass the precinct using the walking list or call list. Keep track of changes in voter data on your lists (change of address or phone, candidate preferences, etc.), update the VAN with the new data, and make sure all eligible voters in the house are registered.
  4. Welcome new neighbors who have registered as Democrats.
  5. Participate in County Democratic Party meetings, events, and activities including providing assistance to your local Democratic Party by staffing registration drives and tables, by supporting local candidates, and by taking part in local fundraising efforts.
  6. Be a visibly proud California Democrat – display yard signs, window signs, campaign buttons, bumper stickers.
  7. Recruit new volunteers and other volunteers in your Precinct and communicate with them regularly. Adding volunteers means you can divide the Precinct for more personal contact with the voters. It also means providing additional support and backup for each other and for your candidates. Develop winning strategies by utilizing the group’s collective skills, contacts, and energy to get the job done!


Campaign Duties

  1. Reach out to all who want to volunteer within your precinct and get them active.
  2. Obtain petition signatures for Democratic candidates to qualify them for the ballot.
  3. Distribute Party and candidate literature through door-to-door canvassing.
  4. Help identify where independent voters stand on our Democratic candidates.
  5. Hold house parties for Democratic candidates.
  6. Promote absentee ballots and in-person Early Voting among Democratic supporters.
  7. Help the Party to “chase” early ballots to ensure they are returned.
  8. Help ensure a strong and effective Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) effort, the Party will design the GOTV Plan; you will help implement it.
  9. Recommend Democrats within your precinct to work as Poll Workers on Election Day – our front line of defense in voter protection.


Know Your Precinct

Know the boundaries, the number of houses and apartment complexes, the religious centers, schools, and businesses. Obtain a map of the area and study it.


Precinct Information

Describing your voting area

  1. Precinct number
  2. US Congressional District and Representative
  3. State Senate District and Representative
  4. State House District and Representative
  5. County Commission District and Representative

Understand the Demographics in your precinct: the economic and cultural makeup, number of union members, veterans, students of voting age, total Democratic population, Independents, etc. You will obtain this information by canvassing your precinct and by using the VAN (the California Democratic Party’s voter database) through your County Party organization.

Know your neighbors. Get acquainted with the Democrats in your precinct; meet their families and learn their interests and concerns. Get to know them on a personal level as much as possible and make sure they know you are a resource for them. (Give them your phone number.) Make sure that in households with at least one registered Democrat, you ask all the other adults if they too would like to register Democratic. Most importantly, focus on relationships; build trust.

Know your local election laws. Know the deadlines for registering for the Primary and General Elections. Know the facts about state and city elections, school board elections, and bond elections. Don’t fret! You will learn all this information and more by simply attending your monthly County Democratic Party meetings.

Know the issues. Read your local newspapers to learn about the major concerns affecting your city, county, and the state. Know the prevalent issues in your community and how people in your precinct feel about them. Stay informed by visiting the local Democratic Party website ( www.southcountydemocrats.org ) or the Orange County Democratic Party website (www.orangecountydemocrats.com ) or the California Democratic Party website ( www.cadem.org ). Learn about important state issues and Democratic Party positions.

Know the party organization. Get acquainted with your County Officers, State Party Officers, and elected Democratic officials. Keep up to date on Party activities. Support activities of your District and County organizations and the California Democratic Party. Try to attend training sessions, conferences and conventions

Help spread the word!

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